Forget The Cloud

Our personal server will change everything.

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The Personal Server Made Easy

Daplie Connect is a personal server that’s easy to use and completely secure. It’s a fully automated server that lives at home or the office and allows you to take control of your digital life.

Why pay monthly for storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive when you can own one? Why pay annually to host your website on someone else’s server when you could easily host it yourself?

When you own Daplie Connect you own your stuff and maintain total privacy and control.

The Problem

Today all over the Internet people are giving away their digital rights. When you sign up for things like iCloud, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, or a hundred others, you get access to convenient services like online storage, email, and connections with friends and family. But you also make trade-offs.

For what you gain in convenience you lose in ownership, security, privacy, and control. You give away things like ownership of your photos and grant advertisers access to see your personal information. You also make yourself more vulnerable to hacks by using centralized services because they make big juicy targets for criminals. What if there was another way?

The Solution

What if you could keep all the things you love about iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, GoDaddy, Spotify, and Facebook, but lose the baggage? What if you could ditch the advertisers? With Daplie Connect, you can.

Now you can take control of your data and keep it secure and private. You own the hardware and software. You own it all. With Daplie Connect you no longer have to make a choice between convenience, security, and ownership.

  • Easily share content
  • Host websites, apps, and email
  • Automatically back up your phone
  • Protect yourself from hacks
  • Ensure your social privacy
  • Manage your smart home & IoT

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