Meet the world's first personal cloud system. Cloud by Daplie is a physical device that you keep in the privacy of your own home. Cloud allows you to protect, share, and stream your entire digital library from anywhere in the world —and we've designed it to be simple enough for Grandma to set up and use.

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The impersonal cloud...

When you upload your information to public cloud services, it’s very similar to renting a public storage unit. You pay a monthly fee for the storage space and if you fail to make the payment, your stuff is held at ransom until you make those payments. The company is legally allowed to throw away or even sell your stuff at this point. Using Cloud by Daplie is like using your garage instead; you pay for it once and no one owns it but you.

A New Hope

With Cloud by Daplie your media can be securely uploaded from all your devices and drives automatically. You access it by typing in the domain name you chose for your device, such as “”. This means pictures, music, movies, documents, etc., are still at your fingertips, but without monthly fees. You get all the benefits and convenience of various “cloud” services without the drawbacks.

Why own your own Cloud System?

You no longer have to make a choice between convenience, security, and ownership. With Cloud by Daplie you can have it all.

No Monthly Payments

Gone will be the days of paying to access stuff you already own. You can ditch the endless monthly payments by owning your Cloud system and use it however and whenever you want.

Never run out of Space

You can stack multiple Daplie Storage Drives onto the Cloud system for compact and seamless storage, if you ever need more space.

Ownership and Security

Completely own your digital content. We will never force you to pass your data through a third-party data center. It goes directly from your device to your Cloud system - with your own website, login, and password.

Dynamic Sharing

Freely share and collaborate with anyone. Grant and revoke access as you choose. You decide who can view and interact with your digital content.

Accessible Anywhere

Safely access your digital library anywhere you have an Internet connection. It’s compatible with all Internet-enabled devices. You can create your personal streaming service for your videos and music.

Smart Storage

Cloud by Daplie can automatically free up space on your phone, laptop, and tablet by moving your data from your mobile device to your Cloud system.

Your Own Cloud System

Take back ownership of all your digital media and access it on all your devices. Free up space on your devices and never run out of space ever again. Stop paying monthly to rent back the stuff you already own.

Cloud (system only)

Personal Server

Cloud + Storage

Server + 1TB Storage

Cloud + Backup

Bring Your Own Storage

Backup + Storage

(2) Servers + (2) 1TB Storage

How it Works

Gone are the days of needing others to setup your technology for you. Now, if you can use an iPad you can master your own cloud system.

Step 1

Plug in to Internet Router & Power

Step 2

Choose a name for your Cloud system

Step 3

Add as much storage as you need

Step 4

Choose another Cloud system as backup

Watch the Video
Watch the Video


Forget about managing multiple cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Spotify), running out of free space, or paying monthly fees to store your data on someone else’s computer. Just plug Cloud by Daplie in and start taking back your digital life.


Add all the storage you want by seamlessly stacking Daplie Storage drives, or by plugging in your own USB drives in the back. Connect two Cloud systems together to back up your media in another location.

Access Everything

Plug in your existing drives into the USB slots in the back of Cloud and have access to all the stuff you never had access to before.

Encryption is Key

The device is encrypted, your account is encrypted, and the requests are encrypted. Encrypted means no one but you can read it.

Security First

Cloud by Daplie has advanced security built in. In addition, owners can also choose to purchase a USB key to lock the device.

Auto Backup

Back-up one Cloud system to a different Cloud system in another location, like one in the office or at a friend's house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my house burns down?

Don't worry, with Cloud by Daplie you can choose to automatically backup data over the Internet to another device securely. Keep one at home and the other at the office (or Uncle Ted's).

Are there user limits?

There is no limit to the number of people you can share with or give access to on your Cloud system. You own it. Cloud is similar to having your own personal social network. You don't limit the number of friends you have! There are no charges for users. You decide who can have access and what level of access they receive. Each user has a unique login. We provide the hardware and infrastructure but you own the network.

What kind of internet do I need?

Any broadband connection will do. Cloud connects to your home's modem or router directly via a normal Ethernet cable, which provides the most reliable and fastest access. If you live in an HOA which does not provide access to Ethernet, you can use a WiFi-Ethernet bridge. Satellite connections that are not always-on or that have strict upload limits may cause difficulty accessing Cloud or streaming movies. Dial-up is not supported.

When will I get my Cloud Server?

Cloud units will begin shipping in Summer 2017. We've had a lot of interest and are already working with one of the highest-quality server manufacturers in China to get Cloud ready. Your specific ship time will depend where you are in the pre-order line. So, pre-order now! As we begin production we will provide updates on all relevant shipping information.

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In 1977 the personal computer changed everything. It started a revolution in technology that brought power previously only available to large governments and corporations into the homes of everyday people across the world. Personal cloud systems are the next step in that revolution. Join us and take control of your digital life. Be able to say you knew about it before anyone else.


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