Meet DapCoin.

A new way to experience the best DApps—together in one marketplace—all backed by a plug and play hardware solution that solves some of the blockchain’s biggest frustrations.


What is DapCoin?

DapCoin is a digital token based on the ERC20 token standard. It allows you to purchase, publish and review DApps within the DapStore ecosystem.

Read our whitepaper to learn more:

Read the Whitepaper

3 Things that Set DapCoin Apart

  • DapCoin is the first token backed by Connect: a home-based, plug and play decentralized server that ensures total privacy and ownership

  • DapCoin is administered by Daplie, a Utah-based hardware company with thousands of existing users and a track record of successful crowdfunded projects

  • DapCoin allows users to receive a private key, which when paired with Connect offers one location to manage all their private keys, from anywhere and from any of their devices