A website is like a book, isn't it? When was the last time you had to accept terms to read a book?

Updated 2016-12-10 (Dec '16)

  • Obey copyright laws (isn't that already part of the law?)
  • Don't be malicious (DDoS, hacking, cyber terror, etc... again, why do we need to say that?)
  • We use pixel and cookie tracking for analytics. If you don't like that use some sort of browser plugin to block them or don't visit our website
  • Don't use advice on our website in life or death situations unless it's what you would do anyway and it has nothing to do with our advice
  • Don't use our website to build, manufacture, distribute, or otherwise cause nuclear warfare or devices for nuclear warfare
  • This document may change. If you want to keep abreast of that (weirdo) watch our website's github repo
  • If you come to this document again in the future and it has changed to say ridiculous, confusing things that aren't friendly you will send an angry email to terms@daplie.com and kindly request that it be fixed

Well, that was our best attempt at providing an abbrevated version of what we understood from the Apple and Google Terms of Service. If it works for them hopefully it will legally protect us too (against... willful ignorance?)